Heading the kitchen is X&Co chef Peter Castaldi. Peter is acknowledged as a Cinema Pioneer and a great cook with a real passion for simple, tasty and stripped back food built from a solid peasant tradition. Peter has split his work between film and restaurants for all his professional life. He is one of the country’s most highly experienced festival and film marketing consultants and managers while being recognised as a film and entertainment journalist and commentator. He practices his love of great tasty food both at home and behind the scenes in restaurants and café kitchens, having previously worked in some of Sydney’s most well known and loved Restaurants and Cafes including Micks, La Boheme, Taylors, Burgerman and Café Dov. He was also co-owner and executive chef for Hog Heaven; one of Sydney’s most successful and popular Cajun Creole and Soul restaurants with venues at the Albury Hotel, Kings Cross and Cremorne.