X&Co is a non-profit, artist-run, social enterprise which aims to raise funds to support the local creative community in the TWT Creative Precinct through sales made in the cafe. It is a partnership between local arts organisation Brand X and property developer Auswin TWT Developments.

Heading the kitchen is X&Co chef Peter Castaldi. Peter is acknowledged as a Cinema Pioneer and a great cook with a real passion for simple, tasty and stripped back food built from a solid peasant tradition. Peter has split his work between film and restaurants for all his professional life. He is one of the country’s most highly experienced festival and film marketing consultants and managers while being recognised as a film and entertainment journalist and commentator. He practices his love of great tasty food both at home and behind the scenes in restaurants and café kitchens, having previously worked in some of Sydney’s most well known and loved Restaurants and Cafes including Micks, La Boheme, Taylors, Burgerman and Café Dov. He was also co-owner and executive chef for Hog Heaven; one of Sydney’s most successful and popular Cajun Creole and Soul restaurants with venues at the Albury Hotel, Kings Cross and Cremorne. When not cooking up a storm, he has been co-owner and programmer of the Byron Bay cinemas, Artistic director of the Goat Island film Festival, the Sydney Traveling Film Festival, The Olympic Arts Film Festival, the Byron All Screens Celebration and the Big Screen National tour. When not showing films Peter reviewed and reported on the industry for ABC Radio and TV, Foxtel, Optus Vision, 2GB and Channel 10 and presents a weekly screen program on 2SER – “Screening Jets” and hosts a regular monthly screening at Riverside Theatre.

Since 2005, Brand X has been in the business of making space for Artists by re-purposing underutilised properties in Sydney so Artists have a place to practice their craft. They are a non-profit arts organisation run by Artists for Artists who work with Property Developers, Landlords and Local Governments to transform their empty spaces into cultural places. They do this so Artists can contribute, flourish and be sustainable in the community for the advancement of a healthy, connected and creative society.

The TWT Creative Precinct is an exciting, vibrant new initiative which involves the conversion of a number of commercial buildings between Atchison St and Chandos St to be used as creative spaces such as artist studios, gallery, multi-media or theatrical space for a proposed 18 month to two year period. A major new arts undertaking by Auswin TWT Developments, the development of the TWT Creative Precinct is a major turning point in the cultural landscape of Sydney’s lower north shore and particularly, St Leonards.

Auswin TWT Developments is part of TWT Group where offices are located in Sydney, Australia, and Beijing China. TWT is an international company focused on developing quality living environments. Their vision is to provide prestige homes and boutique apartments within well located and highly sought after enclaves. Since the groups inception in 2002, they have experienced significant growth; a tribute to their focus on innovative architectural design and a meticulous standard of finish and workmanship.